Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthing Class Night #2

Dr. Lamaze believed that women feared birth so much that it caused fear which lead to tension which increased pain. Due to this realization he created a series of breathing techniques that were meant to decrease the anxiety with childbirth and ultimately distract the mother to be. It's a fairly understandable theory if I am sitting there thinking about the pacing of my breath or creating patterned breathing, I am sure I will completely forget about the virtual earthquake that is occurring in my insides. Surely, a few "who who, hee hee" will subside all fear and tension. Sarcasm aside, this breathing seems almost more useful for Eliot than it does for me. He seems to enjoy the practice. The most useful thing learned in class tonight was some pushing positions and pressure relieving massages that Eliot can do while I am focusing on my moan during contractions. Apparently, your pelvis automatically relaxes when you moan.  Makes sense.

We did we get a gold star tonight from our teacher tonight for being the most laughing couple. We can't help but be goofballs and apparently that is an essential quality to have during the birth experience. She encouraged everyone to be more like us. Ha! We Rock!

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