Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Land Update

Prenatal yoga on Wednesday at the Living Room Yoga studio was delightful. Three mamas to be and a thoughtful instructor embarked in an hour and fifteen of just great meditation and yogic practice. It was just want I needed. It is always nice to meet new expecting moms and share a couple of winks and smiles about the process of pregnancy. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging as well. Definitely a place to visit!

Pediatrician interviewed and selected! Eliot and I went to the a prenatal interview with a local recommended pediatrician practice. Both my closest friends take their children there so it was a natural place to start. We met with Dr. Julie Johnson which is one of five doctors in the practice which has been established since 1950 though the original founding doctors have retired, they have continued the tradition. They believe in getting to know their patients so they only admit new patients as infants, they are supportive of the breastfeeding process, and they are the only practice in town that have privileges to practice at All Children's, Bay Front and St. Pete General, and St. Anthony's. They have on call nurses that answer the phones day and night to help with questions, Saturday sick hours and intentionally leave appointments open to fit in sick kids if needed. The1980s Disney murals on the walls provide for me a warm sense of nostalgia which sealed the deal. So the Cordes, Patranella & Winkler pedis are our choice.

There was a 4th birthing class and you may have noticed that I didn't blog about it. There was little to tell. It was less scary than the 3rd and really all I learned is that there are few real emergency c-sections which was comforting. What was not comforting was that the instructor had a representative from a cord banking center come and speak to us to get our business. I have done my research with cord banking and to be honest I am less concerned about the financial obligation and more concerned about the psychological impact. I could not live a normal life thinking my child could need a cord cell transplant at any given moment due to a severe disease that they may get at some point in their life. The presentation seem to cause a bit of panic around the room and all these first time parents asked a 1,000 questions. It was manipulative and I was ready to make our exit.

We also had our first shower this week at Eliot's work. It was so sweet and everyone was so generous. They decorated with pink and soccer balls. Eliot and I were touched by their thoughtfulness and thankful for their generosity. It is so wonderful and joyfully overwhelming to be cared for in such a way. We are blessed. Thank you UCH!

In the coming days we have a breastfeeding class and my ladies from Berkeley baby shower tea!

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