Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Nursery

Last night we officially finished the Baby Girl Gaurkee's nursery! As promised here are some pictures showing it off a bit. I attempted to put together a video, but the battery on my Flip died. If I can patch that up I will add it to the blog as well.

As you can see we went with pink! A bold design move but we thought we would embrace the girlishness. Instead of going with one particular theme we collected things that we loved that just went together fairly well. The first pictures on the wall are an alphabet list that uses cities from around the world as the inspiration and the other is little girls from around the world. 

On the other side we have a sticker mural of birds and owls along with the flying really pretty paper birds hanging from the ceiling. We also have a couple of smaller pieces that we found that have butterflies and animals.

The changing table and crib are from Crib 4 Life, as I have reported  before. We are thrilled with them both. The smell of real wood actually permeates from the drawers when you open them. And the drop down gate has already come in handy.

Since we have a small home, we had to maximize our space. This room was previous our guest room/office. The bookshelves here were filled from top to bottom with books that we have packed up and put in the attic. We slowly purchased these cube storage units and have randomly created an eye pleasing palette. Each cube holds baby items that have been categorized. I have also created a note card map to find the items in case I can't remember exactly where everything is all of the time.

The crib bumper and quilt are from Land of Nod and I decided that we didn't need a whole set, so we played off the colors for the sheets and crib skirt. We really like the way it turned out! Eliot picked out the dancing elephant mobile and she has already acquired an array of multicultural dolls and animals from all of the people that love her.

We are so excited to have her arrive! Yesterday's midwife appointment confirmed that everything looked great. We will have an ultrasound around Sept. 7th (39th week) in order to determine her size but there is no indication that she shouldn't be just right. I have gained less than 15 lbs at this point, so all of me is water and her.

I have nothing to complain about and I thank God for the many blessings and pleasantries of this pregnancy. Even that first contraction this weekend wasn't too uncomfortable, though I assure myself it may get a little worse before it gets life altering.

The last shot here is of our glider and lamp. It is comfy and cozy. In 2010, you see she already has herself a little IPod speaker and play list ready (my old IPhone was good for something). Come on down Baby Girl Gaurkee!


  1. Excellent job! Looks wonderful. 8-)

  2. Oh my!!! Super cute. What a great job you guys did compiling the perfect little home for baby girl! I like the crib...saw a few with the flip-down side while we were searching, but didn't get one. The owl stuff I like a ton! So excited for you guys and can't wait to see a pic of her in her cozy room :)

  3. I love the iPod speaker in Gwen's nursery - a gift from my mom. We used it a LOT when she was younger and the white noise (especially the hairdryer) calmed her like nothing else. Now we listen to Sesame Street at playtime or lullabies at naptime...