Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charley the Horse

Off and on for the last couple of months I have been having Charley Horses in the middle of the night. I wake up as if a monster sea creature is gnawing on my calf. I drink water. Eat bananas. Still they come and they haunt my dreams like Freddie. In the past week, I had one that was so bad that my leg ached for several days after, then just when it seemed the pestering pain was fading another Charley appeared at the same spot. As I clenched my leg desperately cringing in pain, I managed to rub out the rock hard round horse that crawled under my skin and went to work yesterday morning. The persistent ache stayed there all day. When I got home I noticed that my left leg was swollen, so I elevated it. Eliot looked at the back of my legs and said that my left leg behind my knee was also a little swollen which was the site of my pain. We iced it.

At this point, we made the carnal mistake of referring to the internet and pregnancy books. This only led to thoughts of DVT and death. Then panic. So we called the midwife. She told us to go to the emergency room to get things checked. We got dressed. We got in the car. I did not want to go to the hospital. I am not a good patient. And if you know me I am not that keen on the medical community in general. My anti-hospital campaign started and successfully avoided going in to see doctors. We returned home with no medical intervention and went to bed. I ate another banana.

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