Monday, August 23, 2010


Full on nesting was on the rise last night. I had the label maker out and Eliot, who never passes up the chance to buy plastic tubs for organizational needs, reorganized our linen and storage closet. Thankful now, we can easily find oral medications versus the sewing kit. Band aids are easy access and the dental hygiene products are safely away from the soap. We can sleep soundly knowing this, can't we?

Everything is put away according to category and/or size, towel bin, sheet bin, toy bin, you get the idea, CHECK. Everything from 0-3 is washed and ready. CHECK. Sheets are washed and put on the various sleeping venues: bassinet, crib. CHECK. Car seat is installed. CHECK. Bags packed. CHECK. Now we wait.

Last week, I started back at school for these last few weeks of pregnancy before my sabbatical also known as my maternity leave. My department mates are taking on a couple of extra courses and have hired a young buck substitute to handle a condensed course load to accommodate my impending arrival. Students will be pouring on to the campus tomorrow and my to-do list is not as hefty as it normally is this time of year. Oddly disconcerting, but ultimately I am thankful.

Saturday night, I felt the very first full fledged contraction. Through the summer I have had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions which my birthing teacher and midwife assures me is usually just an indication of dehydration. Normally, you feel a small crap in the very front of your belly, almost like a puppeteer is pulling on your belly button. On Saturday, my lower back had a dull ache that swung across to the front causing my entire belly to turn rock hard. I have always wanted rock hard abs before. It lasted about a minute and went away. Nothing else came of it. Is the day a coming sooner rather than later?

Tomorrow I will officially be in my 37th week of pregnancy. Full term here we are!

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