Friday, May 6, 2011

I admit it! We are done!

I haven't had the heart to publicly write about this yet, but in hopes of chronically the infancy of my beloved Lydia I will. We stopped nursing. We stopped nursing pretty much when she got her cold. It was so hard for her to nurse. She couldn't breath. We tried about everything but we continued to supplement which we were already doing. Before she was sick we went were at a 60-40 ratio. She was nursing about 60% of the time and drinking formula 40% of the time. She made a seamless transition and never once was upset, also I never denied her a nursing opportunity but she just didn't appear interested.

Even though we nursed for almost 7 months (6 months 3 weeks and 3 days) I still feel disappointed. I feel like I could've done more. I sometimes feel guilty even though it wasn't self motivated decision. However I must admit not pumping is a nice bonus. Perhaps the mommy nerves in me wonder if that's why her teeth haven't come out she could have used more mommy milk to make them stronger or why she seems grumpy randomly as if she is suffering without nursing. I also worry about the studies that say formula babies are more likely to be obese or grow up to have adult diabetes. Have I done enough help her in the future?

On the other hand, she is a very healthy (Praise God), happy, strong willed little girl. And I never intended to nurse for more than 6 months (though that did change some once she arrived). I don't have issues with formula or it's benefits. It is simply the beginning of a mothers' worry that she could've done more. I hope.

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