Saturday, May 28, 2011

Morning really has Broken, Me

Holland's first Birthday Party. Lydia splashing.
Morning. Morning and I have always had a bit of a ah...difficult relationship. She is always so bright and seemingly cheery. There are always birds chirping and the catching of defenseless worms. I have always felt that Morning had a rather unrealistic perspective on the day and I am fairly sure that I am right considering that Morning appears to get hotter and hotter under the collar until Afternoon comes and just takes the heat. I have always had a much better relationship with Night. Perhaps a little darker, a little cooler, much more James Deen less Suzy Sunshine. Night and I have understood one another. Not much had to be said to enjoy the sparkle of the stars or the breeze still trying to cool us off after the raucous created by the others. Ah Night, how I miss you. Even Evening seems like it flutters briskly away in tasks of dinner, bath time and bedtime.

Sleep was always my mother's battle with me. Since I was about the size of Lydia I wanted to sleep when I wanted to sleep. As I got older I could easily stay up all night and still roll out of bed and go to school and do well. Consequently, her battle ended and mine begun. As a college student never selecting an early morning class and shopping at the 24 hour Winn Dixie. As a young adult youth director, always planning lock outs or lock ins and much more talkative at evening Bible study than early morning Sunday School. As a teacher silly morning drowsiness or unenthusiastic lectures were the result for those first period classes. A lifetime of a loving dedicated monogamous relationship with Night has vanished, I am left to deal with Morning. Morning has broken me.

first time at ChikFila
It feels unusually satisfying to accomplish so much by 10am. Who knew that Morning also had a cool breeze? Who knew that Morning came with Lattes? Who knew that Morning created a virtual Snow White forest around you? Quite literally as I write we have heard a blue bird sing and then perch outside our window. Seconds later a squirrel sat on the side fence and wiggled his fluffy tail while licking a nut in his paws. And then a neighborhood kitty sauntered through our backyard. We don't even have to go camping. All this cheer is actually lovely. And though I have lost a good friend in Night, I am not sure I can go back.

Have I mentioned the very best thing about Morning? The thing that really has me walking on sunshine and loving it? Lydia, of course. She is not only awake and ready to do spectacular things at 7am, but she really can't be reasoned with. I can't explain to her to go back to sleep for a couple of more hours yet. So we harness her excitement for life and enjoy every ray of  Morning sunshine.

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