Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Mommy Trauma

Another traumatic mommy moment: earrings. Cubans get their babies ears pierced and I think it's brilliant. All the pain and suffering is on the adults that need the adornment to begin with. As the baby gets older and turns into a young lady she has lovely healed earlobes prepared for decorative jewels for a lifetime.

The thing is that small things can deviate the plan. Much like magic socks there are magic earrings provided by our pediatrician. The earrings have a fastening on the back that supposedly locks. The back clicks and locks securely. Normal life things such as losing the back to an earring happen and well havoc ensues. The thing is that babies don't sit still and just let you reposition the accessory piece. They squirm and fuss and freak, because well, their babies.

I sit now in my old childhood room as my dad holds Lydia and my mom puts in the earring. The bellowing screams of my baby shake my core and if this was Princess Bride you may think that her body was being stretched apart. My cowardly fragile mommy heart is thankful for the valiance of Abuelos. Red faced and wet from tears, my mom gave me back my ringed daughter who was already past the momentary discomfort.

Advice from my dad: when you have to do something difficult, just do it. The longer you wait the more difficult something becomes. It get too big. Then impossible. Just get it over with, kind of like that whole bandaid thing.


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