Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Loving

Summer planning is on the way! The calendar has so many things penciled in. We now have our Toddler Tumbling schedule, Humpty Dumpty and Mother Goose storytimes, and Kindermusik class sign up confirmed. We are have our trip dates and the maps are mapquested. We even have a couple of day trips in mind, for those fun days that Eliot has off in the middle of the week.

I have 7 kinds of sunscreen, a beach tent, an umbrella that hooks on to things and Lydia has several swims suits. We may become beach people this summer!

I love summer! Only 13 more days of classes, a couple of weeks of exams, graduation and relaxation! I am teaching a couple of weeks of summer school but even that should be fun! By this time in the year students are not the only ones ready for a break. We all are!

**Pictures are Courtesy of Aunt Heather! We were so blessed and eternally thankful that Auntie Heather, Eliot's sister was able to watch her for three days this past week. Lydia loves her Aunt Heather and they had a lot of fun. Aunt Heather was a super trooper on the day that Lydia's teething was simply awful. They went for walks and to the park. They had a great time.

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