Sunday, May 1, 2011

La Viva Blogaversary

Rent is the musical for and about the gen-Xers. Though half the characters are starving artists that are not willing to sell out while the other half of them have AIDS and/or are cocaine addictions. I am pleased to report that most of the generation Xers I know are not in either of those situations. Matter of fact, most of us are now married with children and fairly stable career paths. Rent itself was a reflection to the death of  la viva boheme, ironically. Shortly into the 1990's,  immediately after the end of the Cold War, the children of the baby boomers become adults and slowly find other ways to express and communicate and go against the grain. It is the birth of personal computers thus email, chat rooms, social networks and of course blogs. Today is my BLOGAVERSARY.

For 4 years I have been blogging in this blog about whimsical life musings, travel, food and as of late, motherhood. I suppose that my previous blogs out there in cyberspace were a bit more starving for attention, hating pretension and wanting to cause commotion. Happily I have grown and found a different voice than the VillageVoice. I still love yoga and yogurt, the stage and Buddha. But as I sit here sipping my morning latte, handing my infant organic banana puffs, typing on my ThinkPad, still fancying myself a liberal in support of choice, the LGBT community, I am thankful for the end of Bohemia.

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