Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sock Ye First

About 8 months ago I took a fast 45 minute trip in search of magic socks. Since then there has been so many changes. Lydia moves! She crawls. She stands. She sits. She babbles. However, I still find myself looking for magic socks. Sigh. What I quickly learned is that most socks sold for infants are really meant for either premies, dolls or in Eliot's case his childhood Super Grover. No real babies with normal sized feet can keep those suckers on. There seemed to be a small window of time that the infamous Gap socks fit but that may have been for about a day and half until Lydia's feet grew again.

Some of you may wonder, you are in Florida. It's summer! Let the darn sock thing go. But don't you need socks for wearing closed toed shoes? And aren't closed toed shoes the best and safest way to learn how to walk properly? I bought a pack of inexpensive socks at Target in 6-12 size. They fit nicely but as soon as they are washed the socks were way too tight and leave marks on Lydia's ankles. So I bought 12-24 months which are a little too big BUT I washed them and guess what? They were still way too big. Sigh.

What is it with socks? Why are the baby sock makers trying to drive me crazy? What have I done to them? Oh dear Universe, I prayed and prayed. Send me fitting socks!! Hear me Oh Lord of Lords, Sock of thy Sock!

Out of the glorious clouds, shimmering with light and glory was the sign for Gymboree. Not all Gymboree socks are created equal but I like the ones that have a little elastic and a tiny bow on the back.Those tend to be okay. So I enthusiastically ordered 10 pairs of socks mostly on sale with an additional coupon. This morning, I put some on Lydia. I carried her from the bedroom to the dining room to put her in the car seat. I look down to put on her sneakers...a missing sock? WHY!!

This is why I only wear flip flops.

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