Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ana Salazar

Last night we went to a Flamenco concert. Admittedly, Flamenco is one of those things that I would throw into the category of poetry. You either encounter it and it is apart of your soul or you can maturely begin to appreciate it. Last summer I saw a Flamenco show that was life changing. I got it. For the first time I understood the excitement of what everyone is always raving about, so I am a little more willing to see more. If only for the hope of experiencing that same rush.

Ana Salazar is a singer from Cadiz. The concert took place in El Castillo de Santa Catalina; Europeans and their castles. It was a great venue. The air was so crisp that I had goose bumps the entire time. With an amazing setting this Gaditana (a person from Cadiz) dressed in all white took the stay and instantly her beauty radiated. It was more than just her appearance, it was her. You could feel her presence. Her music a fusion between Flamenco and Jazz. It added a certain modernity to the sound that was engaging. Most of her family was at the concert as well which also provided another dimension into her. She took time to preface her songs with history, experience and emotion. Everything seemed to have a context which I think is awesome when you are participating in something for the first time because it gives you a place to start.

Salazar is a dancer as well. That was her first love and after a terrible accident that left her leg in shambles with many years of physical therapy ahead of her, the opportunity to sing fell in her lap. At this point she can dance again. Once again a nontraditional Flamenco style that worked perfectly with her music. The balance she was able to maintain between dancing and singing was impressive. She would literally rock out on the dance floor and as if she didn't lose a breath she would transition to singing.

The only downfall of the evening was that she didn't sell her CDs at the concert. I tried to look her up on ITunes today and only two songs appeared from special complications she was invited to do as tributes to famous Flamenco singers.

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