Friday, July 11, 2008

The Rain in Spain

There is no actual rain in Spain and earlier in the week we returned to Cadiz to a lush hotel (Hotel Barcelo) so there is no rain in my room either. I just like rhyming. To be honest it is 5AM, Spain time and I can't sleep. I have decided that its the tuna. I have eaten a LOT of tuna lately and I can't help it. It tastes so good. Shelli and I have found the best bocadillo place. It is literally a block from our hotel and we go there everyday. Its cheap and good and now since we regulars we get the satisfaction of ordering without the menus. I digress. The tuna. Spain puts tuna on a lot of stuff, starting with your average garden salad and ending with stuffing it into olives. Combine no sleep with some periodic headaches, you would think I was the pregnant one. So I did research which means I googled eating too much Tuna. Low and behold, guess what? Too much mercury in your system can cause headaches and insomnia. There are two things to consider here. One, most ailments or sorts will end up causing headaches and insomnia. The second is that it really may not be the tuna at all, it could be lots of things like the dehydration or homesickness.

In just a couple of days we are off again (you are lucky I ranted about tuna because there is a precious airport story about our trip back from Valencia but I will spare you all) this time to Madrid. Madrid is one my favorite cities in Europe for various reasons and I am really excited about spending an entire week there. I didn't have much time in Valencia to properly rave about the cool vibe, the historic architecture, beach life and overall goodness of the city. One could stay in Valencia and never be bored. It is the 3rd largest city in Spain and this month they were celebrating the city with the Valencia festival, meaning tons of free shows, art exhibits, and interesting events. I mean The Police were there and so was Juannes.


  1. you sound REALLY sick. you should probably just fly home and get seen by a doctor. eliot wouldnt mind.

  2. LUCKY I've always wanted to go to Valencia. I think it's the only city in Spain I still haven't seen that I really want to.