Tuesday, July 29, 2008

En Cadí se está muy bien

Reporting from your local Spanish paradise city is yours truly. Clear skies and a very moderate 25 degrees celsius which means about 77 degrees US. Not a drop from the skies, which would be really weird because rain isn´t common in July. This is my third year visiting this city and, man, the weather is out of this world for southern Spain in the summer. The breeze is simply delightful. I have been hesitant to write about the weather because it seems fairly lame but it is seriously unreal. Usually one is hiding in a square inch of shade in hopes that your sweat will stop running down your leg.

In other news, clearly I am still in Spain. I have a mere 8 days left before returning to the States. The last couple of days have been fairly low key. On Sunday we headed to a bullfight in Puerto Santa Maria which is across the bay from Cadíz. We took a rough little boat over. Since I am not a big fan of violence in general I opted for sitting out of this fight. Once you have seen it, you´ve seen it. I went on a hunt for a dress that I have been scoping out all summer but was sold out on the Cadíz side, forgetting clearly that the smaller the town the less is open on god´s day, afterall it is the day of rest. So I wandered the empty closed streets for bit until I found a small little Columbian place (apparently no god in Columbia) to sit and have a drink and snack. After chatting with a lovely Ecuadorian gentlemen for a bit (also no god in Ecuador I guess) I headed to see if there was anything else to see or do. This town is known for its night life. It is a party place and considering it was early afternoon on Sunday, I figure most people were resting off their hang overs (at least the Ecuadorian was.)

As I was walking near the Bullfighting stadium which are always amazing in terms of architectual design, I noticed a small crowd near a door. I figured I have nothing going on, so why not check it out. There were several trucks parked right on the edge of the curb between the staduim and the street. Everyone was looking down so I followed their sight and got a peek at the entertainment. The excitement was a dirty sidewalk. Upon closer investigation, it was a bloody sidewalk; bulls blood that is, ntohing like black gold. This very door is where the animal is dragged out in its death onto a truck that then takes it somewhere. Hopefully, some where it can be consumed properly by orphans or poor elderly people. In that moment, I was pretty glad that I hadn´t seen it suffer to its death by the hands of silly man in tight pants and goofy hat.

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