Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A River Runs Through It

My Valencian apartment that is. Christelli (our new name defining all things that are Christy and Shelli) arrived on Monday to Valencia. We will be here about a week and since it was not only more economically but infinitely more convenient we rented an apartment. It is actually a lot of space for just the two of us. It is very modern and it has three things are super special in Spain: laundry, internet and air conditioning.

Each room has an air conditioner that is powered by a remote. As air conditioners do they drip sometimes. Normally, they drip outside because units in the US hang outside of windows, not in Spain. The river running through my room and now Shelli's room is evidence of such an occurrence. The thing is a little water is no big deal. 5 blankets filled with water is a whole another story. The other issue with the river is that we have all marble floors which makes us feel like we are barefooting down the Caloosahatchee. I have never been a good skier.

The keep saying they are going to fix it but it is Wednesday. That is life in Spain. An entire country that only works 5 hours a day, between late mornings, siesta and early evenings, especially in a 98 degree weather, surely there is something to learn from them.

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  1. I'm sure it sucks, I really am, but I can't help but be jealous anyway- you ladies are going to have a FABulous time!