Tuesday, July 22, 2008

March 14 2009

My wedding date! The planning has already begun. It is much more fun than I had anticipated it being. The internet was genius! Good work Al Gore! I have been able to do quite a bit of work from this part of the world because of it. We have a venue, The Sirata Beach Resort and a church, First UMC Gulfport. We have designed and ordered Save the Dates, selected place cards, and invitations. We have a photographer, a DJ and almost a florist. We are well ahead of schedule for the wedding check lists.

While in Spain of course I haven't been able to help noticing every wedding shop on the planet. They all look really intimidating and pricey. They all have displays in the windows of a dress sometimes two dresses but when you peek in behind them you can see that there are no dresses actually hanging up. So they are the type of places you make appointments to and sit around while someone you don't know tries to guess what dress you will like. It seems so impersonal and to be honest not my style at all. I don't even like it when regular sales people hound be but the gowns are beautiful nonetheless. Mostly I am looking for ideas. What do I want in a dress? What would look the best on?

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  1. I think you should look for a nice a-frame dress. It would complement you nicely.