Sunday, July 27, 2008

Average Day: Bocadillos and Laundry

The word for sandwich in Spain is bocadillo. But it's more than just a sandwich because it is not on regular whole wheat bread it's on a kind of panini, or a small sized baguette. Anywho, it is delicious. About two blocks from our apartment on the beachside is a great place for a bocadillo. Not only is it ridiculously tasty but really cheap. You can get a grande for 3 euros and small one for 1.50 euros. When we feel particularly crazy we pick out a couple different small ones. I am a tuna fan and I think the last time I was in Cadiz I ate so much tuna that I got mercury poisoning. Of course its not like a average tuna sandwich, its fresh tuna, not made into a crazy paste, placed on the perfect bread, with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. There are over 60 different options on the menu and it's local owned and run which when it comes to sandwich places isn't always the case. Here are David and Staci enjoying their bocadillos.

We are living in quite a spacious apartment with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, no air conditioning which is normal but there is no need with all the windows open, a kitchen with all the latest and a washer. Per usual in Spain there is no drier. So we have to hang our clothes out on the line which is located outside of the kitchen and bathroom windows. Since we live on the fourth floor it is a bit of a challenge but our neighbors don't seem to struggle at all. The laundry line is a mechanism that works like a pulley. Or maybe its because you pull it that I think that, which is an awful joke. You hang things and then you pull the cord and the clothes move away and you get the next free space. It's quite genius really. It's really interesting to look at peoples' laundry. You can figure out so much about them like the folks with the 5 cartoon printed towels clearly have kids, the ones that always do a load of blues or reds or yellows are simply OCD, the ones that always have beach gear up must be on vacation. Most of the time we drop stuff from the fourth floor and we have to go down to the common area and pick it up. The problem is we don't actually know how to get there so our neighbor that David befriend has made the trips for us. The view in the picture is actually from the front of our apartment which goes out into a separate corridor in which some persons have their own porches. The view from the back of our apartment is a large common area where you can see everyones laundry. Hence why I am still writing about laundry, it's always in my face.

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