Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Friendly

There is a difference between kid friendly locations and baby friendly. Since I am a native, born and raised, St. Peterburgian it has recently dawned on me that I know few places that are particularly baby friendly off the top of my head. Eliot and I lead a very active life with our wonderful family and friends and really enjoy taking Lydia all over town. I started looking for resources on baby friendly locations in the Tampa Bay area and what I found was a lot about where to take kids. A kid can move and interact with things on their own so of course, Great Explorations would be a good choice. Duh. Thank you internet! My 5 1/2 month old would not be as amused, yet. Hence, I have decided that along with my periodic food establishment critiques (which is coming soon!) I will begin to evaluate the baby friendliness of various locations around town. Here is what I got so far.

1. Lowry Park Zoo. Fun for all ages. We took the Abuelos and Lydia so old and young got a kick out it. Just looking at giant animals was pretty awesome for Lydia. It has been voted the #1 zoo by parents likely because it's wide sidewalks and kids section. Lydia enjoyed the merry-go-round and seeing the elephants. There was an indoor air conditioned restaurant that was discrete enough for nursing and comfortable to get the stroller in and out. They even had infant sized hats at the gift shop when we realized that we needed one to block the sun from burning Lydia's head.

2. Crescent Lake Park. The two streets that hug the park always have some available parking and most of the time some of it is shaded. Crescent provides a lot for a family. It has over a mile path for walks and runners, tennis courts, dog parks for little and big pouches, many benches along near the lake and a playground. I go to this park at least once a week if not more. The baby loves being in the stroller and checking everything out. She loves looking at the geese and all the birds that come to the park. She has even gotten big enough to put in the baby swing. The playground has an area for smaller kids.The park also has a massive open field. You can take a blanket, some toys and relax.

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