Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Baby Why?

  1. Why do baby teeth hurt more in the middle of the night then during the day?
  2. Why don't babies like their faces to be wiped?
  3. Why do the last 20 minutes of a drive home feel like 4 hours when your child is screaming?
  4. Why is it the first time she tastes something she makes a face and spits it out but then opens up her mouth for the next spoonful and eats that one with delight?
  5. Why is it that one day you put her down for a nap and she sleeps a solid glorious 2 hours and the next you get about 20 minutes?
  6. Why is that the cutest outfits are outgrown first? 
  7. Why is it that sometimes the baby will be so upset they won't latch, then seconds later you show it to them again and they say "Oh yum"! and the crying stops?
  8. Why is that one second there is no fear of that baby rolling off your bed and the next minute you glance and they are about to do a somersault?
  9.  Why is it that your baby is completely satisfied but when you pump you only get 2 drops (and then panic?
  10. Why is that no matter how annoyed you may become, the baby will suddenly shoot a grin from ear to ear and all is right in the world?

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