Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Glorious Spring Break

In a precious and hopefully brief two hours, I will be on Spring Break. My school generously gives us two full weeks of break which is exactly what the entire campus needs to make it through the last push before summer. Previous years I have done some great traveling adventures including my first time in Europe and a trip to Spain with my folks who had not been back in almost 30 years. Millions of Spring Break memories over a lifetime of being either a student or a teacher flood my thoughts but the anticipation for this vacation is more than it has ever been before. I am ready to be home with my baby. I can't wait to wake up on Monday and just be a mommy and a wife for that matter. I like the idea of that. Perhaps it is a little Pleasantvillestic but I don't really mind owning that daydream.

We have some appointments: the pediatrician, the hair dresser and some lunch dates with friends, as well as some lofty goals of scrapbooking to accomplish. We are also taking a mini-trip to Atlanta. Eliot lived in Atlanta during pharm school at the same time I lived there going to grad school (one of the many coincidental things about us) and I haven't been back since then which is about 10 years. This actually means two things one: I am old and two: new things to check out. My folks are coming with us which will also be nice. My mom's close cousin who is still in Cuban his daughter lives in Atlanta and has been there for the last couple of years. My mom is so excited to see her and catch up.

Our trip albeit short will be a nice getaway. Eliot and I have a bit of a Top Chef obsession and are planning on going to Richard Blais' Flip Burger and Kevin Gillespie's Woodfire Grill while we are there. The one complication is that we have given up desserts for Lent. Traditionally Sundays are days that fast can be broken but instead of breaking fast on 5 consecutive Sundays we are planning on using our fast days in Atlanta. I have discussed it with the Big Guy (or Big Gal) upstairs and we have the okay. This will be Lydia's longest road trip yet. We plan to leave in the evening to facilitate her sleeping on schedule and the XM radio is geared up to stay up to date with March Madness! Hooray Spring Break!

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