Thursday, March 17, 2011

Park Fun and My Trauma

A few years back with the initiative of Rick Baker, former St. Petersburg Mayor, every neighborhood in town developed a small park. Some are simple grassy areas with a couple of benches but most have playground equipment for children to enjoy. Last night after dinner we thought we would take advantage of the extra sunlight and go for a walk. Instead of packing up the car and heading to our usual park, we decided to walk down Allendale and swing by Roberts Recreation Center for bit to have Lydia swing there. It is a tiny little park but it was super fun. She loved all the kids running around and somehow we still managed to get a few good pictures of her looking at the camera. Lydia is so strong; most of the time she is completely holding on to the bars by herself with us in the back for safety. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Yesterday at school, I relived that pre-adolescent moment when you first become a "woman" at school. I must say that it was a bit traumatic. I had gone to the restroom after lunch and  tin roof...rusted! In that moment I didn't know what to do. I actually had to rationalize that this in fact was natural and that if it wasn't for this part of nature's order I wouldn't have Lydia. I went to the school nurse to get supplies and she was kind enough to notice that I had a spot on my white skirt (argh), just like an afterschool special. She removed it with peroxide and I went off to my next class traumatized. I had to chuckle when Kim commented that I must be the prototype that all the textbooks mention: water breaking, birth on the due date and return of Aunt Flo 6 months exactly.

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