Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lydia or Gremlin?

Never get it wet. Don't feed after midnight. And never expose it to the sun. 3 simple rules and somehow all I remember from that movie is a lot of nasty crazy Gremlins. 
Lydia has similar rules. Mommy can't be gone after dark. Always get at least 2 hour nap. And never ever leave the room.

The thing is that lately the attachment issue has become more evident. I certainly do not want to have a baby that can't be held by anyone but me or that she loses her mind every time she is left alone. Interestingly, during the day she is great. My parents and Eliot alternate her care and she not once has been upset by my absence, but when I am there alone with her and I leave the room the universe melts and the rage arises. And just like  that adorable Gismo, Lydia after the sunset wants her mommy if she isn't there she turns into a Gremlin.

Slowly, I have been working on letting her cry a bit and then popping my head around the corner to remind her that in fact I am still very much on the planet, then pop out again for a few minutes. The thing is that there are few worse  things than hearing your baby cry, seeing tears running down their little face and getting all worked up into a real frenzy so I give in eventually. I think to myself she will only be 6 months once and it will disappear in a snap of a second. If the worse thing I do is give my child too many hugs and kisses, is that really so bad?

She has also seemingly become savvy enough to know that if she wakes up at 2AM I am just going bring her into bed with us and though every parenting book, guru, swami and grandma will tell us that this is starting a hard to break pattern that will cause difficulties in many aspects of our lives. In truth, I don't sleep as well because we only have a queen size bed and I need to spread out a little. Of course add the fact that I wake up with every wiggle she makes. But at the same time, I can't just put her in her crib because she will scream still keeping us up. I can't stay up with her because I will still be up. See what I mean? What is the other option? I just snuggle her some more, is that really so bad?

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