Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Friendly

On Friday night we went out to dinner with Aunt Kim and the Littles (Eva and Eli) to Cappy's Pizzeria in St. Pete. They have selected the best little bungalow for their location with tons of outdoor seating. It was a little cool for the outdoors on Friday night but we were seated in the perfect location with window views and space for 2 high chairs. Almost every table in the restaurant has a feel of privacy which makes it a great location for babies and kids. Cappy's also provides a selection of toys so Eli enjoyed picking out things for Eva and went back and forth several times. They were attentive and patient! And their food is always great. By the end Lydia was ready to go to bed so Eliot was rocking her in her carseat. We weren't the only ones that felt that this was a child friendly place because as we left kids were climbing the stairs outside and waiting patiently with parents. If you are close by these guys always have great take-out service.

Saturday we spent the day at the Renaissance Festival. Eliot and I had never been before and were very impressed by the experience. It is now located at MOSI in Tampa. The efficiently moved cars in to park and directed us into the main entrance. Many patrons attend in costume which  we didn't realize and something surely to consider in the future. The event was very shady and had tons of food every where. We immediately go a turkey leg when we entered and barbarically ate it. There are tons of merchants everywhere. There are shows going on everywhere acrobats, human chess, jousting and stage acts. Every where we turned there was something to watch. Lydia rode in her front carry thingy for the first time and loved it (the picture doesn't show the ecstatic amusement but I promise she couldn't stop smiling)!

We liked the feel of the crowd who were welcoming and laid back even though many were tied up in bodices with bulging bosoms (the fair is not for the weak stomached.) There was a Children's Realm that had a playground, a fairy princess, a wizard and a giant who was hosting story time. Beer tastings, heena tattoos and carnival games crowded the field and some how we still found a shady haystack to sit on with Lydia while she lunched. Lydia also enjoyed the wooden mushrooms that were just the perfect height for her to stand.

The one thing I would say may be complicated would be bathrooms. If you don't like portapotties you will not be happy. And I am not sure where you would change your infant unless you did so on that haystack we found but if you are as laid back as we are and pee before you go like me, you don't even have to worry about it. It was a delightful time and we could totally image going again in years to come. Eliot even said he would dress up next time!

*Today Lydia is 6 Months! Unbelievable. 
Her check up will be on Monday so stay tuned!

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