Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Friendly: Manatees

Saturday we did something that I believe all parents do at some point in their babies infancy: drive around for nap time. Since we are still on the mend from the colds it was important for her to have nap time and since the fun of having toys, mommy and daddy is just way too much for our little Lydi we put her in the car. We had lunch first at the Lucky Dill Deli which was great, and started driving. Other than obsessively looking at Zillow while exploring the many St. Petersburg neighborhoods  (which is a common occurrence for this HGTV addict) we had not plans. Then we remembered we have been meaning to go see the Manatees in Apollo Beach near the electrical plant. It was just far enough away for a good nap on a lovely day and it gave us a mission. Willingness to be spontaneous is one of things I really love about Eliot.

Saturday was the first of many insanely hot Florida days. I lathered Lydia in sunscreen, put on her sunhat that never goes ultra well and we were off to look for the manatees. It is a great little free spot that Tampa Electric has put together. Eliot and I were in awe of being that close to a power plant. Secretly I kept thinking about Eric Brockovich and wondering what these people were really doing to the manatees which could possibility be a good story line for a Carl Hiaasen book. I digress. We had a lovely little afternoon enjoying not one single manatee. We took tons of pictures and enjoyed their indoor super kid friendly area. After about an hour, we got back in the car which aided to another good solid nap and spent the evening at home resting.

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