Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peek-a-boo: Where are those teeth?

Lydia still has no teeth. She will be 8 months in 2 weeks. I know that all babies do things at different rates including teeth. I feel like she has been teething and still we have nothing. I peek in her mouth and I see nothing. I put my finger in her mouth and I feel nothing.

Yesterday I got home and my parents reported that she had had a very cranky day. The night before she had woken up at 4am and nothing got her back to sleep. Luckily Eliot was up early and hung out with her before going to work. Then he put her into bed with me and she fell asleep for 45 minutes watching Mickey. She was super drolly and somewhat inconsolable. When I got home I gave her cold thingy after cold thingy. She would grab one and throw it out down and cry. She was clearly crying because she was uncomfortable. I would stab my own gums with knives if I could save her from the pain. We gave her Tylenol and milk (she was not wanting solids last night.) Eventually she calmed down after 2 short naps and a short walk around the neighborhood.

The rest of the evening was lovely. She played. We read books. She drank milk. She went to sleep. She happily slept all night.

I begin to worry if she will ever get her teeth. What if she gets into grade school without teeth? Or starts to drive? Will she get a prom date if she's toothless? Where are those teeth?!

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