Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Independent Baby

When we went to the pediatrician I asked how many hours a night Lydia should be sleeping. My doctor, who is a little old school, said she will sleep when she sleeps (a little laissez faire but I am thinking a resounding: check!) she should be doing this in her own crib (I am smiling on the inside: check!) and when we wakes up in the middle of the night you should let her cry herself back to sleep (Eh...not check. not at all.) The doctored continued to explain the importance of this practice because it will help Lydia grow up to be an independent self sufficient woman. Doctor said I should just let her scream as long as it takes. She assured me that Lydia isn't hungry at 3AM anymore and that she is playing me. This stage 6-9 months is a make or break time, my Doctor pep-talked, if you respond to her you will never slept again.

It's been a couple of weeks now and this is still bouncing around in my head until the moment where I realized my 6 months old has no business being independent. She is an infant by virtue of this fact, she needs her mommy (and daddy!) She needs us to respond because what if she is hurt? What if she is in pain? What is she got too tired and really is hungry? Aren't we teaching her that when she needs us we won't be there if we don't respond, particularly in dark times (in this case literally dark times like night but it fits.) I have to say that there seems to be many more studies explaining the benefits to philosophies like the family bed. There is a huge decrease in instances of SIDS for co-sleepers. Family beds actually successfully have proven to have raised much more independent children.

(I just realized that my full blog entry had not saved completely so this is the part that left off. )
Although, Lydia does sleep in her own crib, but if we had a king size bed she probably wouldn't. I am certain that she will grow up to be a brave, brilliant and compassionate woman, thus I will continue to  let her "play me". I will wake up and tend to her needs and while I do I will squeeze her tight and give her as many kisses as I can for as long as I can.

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  1. Love it, love it!--although I miss sleeping. We made need a teeny dose of tough love if I'm going to survive around here! :)