Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swim Lessons

At the beginning of the month we started swim lessons with Lydia. They are Parent and Tot lessons at the YMCA. We go twice a week in the evening from 6:25-6:55. Her instructor is an older woman named Edie who is retired but taught elementary school for 40 years. She is a tough old bird with a lot of heart. Eliot and I both go when we can and we both get into the water with her. Somehow it's a little easier in the pool with both of us since we have clear routine. First the kids sit on the ledge on the pool then they jump in. We do arm pulls, leg kicks on your belly and on your back, and put both together. Then we put in them in life jackets and float in a circle while singing "Row Row Your Boat" and then they have some individual time where they try to grab toys that help them do the motions together. During this time Edie comes by and teaches Lydia how to put her face in the water. They we do another group circle and sing "Wheels on the Bus" and "Motor Boat." After our lesson, we go hang out in the play area and let Lydia splash around for a bit.

I thought she was going to freak because during bathtime she really hates getting her head wet but during swim she's fine. Her first swim lesson was her first time in a pool and she though hyper observant did very well. It has almost been a full month and we are surely going to sign up for May and June.We ran into an old friend of mine from High School and one of Eliot's. Community recreation is great! We have looked into a couple of other places and all are more expensive for less time. It has also been nice for her to see Holland Newman twice a week and be around other kids.

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