Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break ReCap

 the d'lux and fried pickles
I apologize for the delay in blogging but sometime when one is on Spring Break the extra spring in your step limits time in front of the computer. The trip to Atlanta was great. We drove up with baby and grandparents in tow on Wednesday night and arrived rather late. Apparently the door to our room locked because someone had accidentally knocked the safety top lock closed and no one could get in, therefore when we went to check in at midnight it was explain to us that the door engineer had been called and we were waiting for their expertise in order to get into our room which was the only a room available during their renovations. Fear not, we finally made it in to room by 1:30 in the morning. Lydia was a trouper considering she was in a completely differently place she did a great job adjusting it was so nice to have her Abuelos there to help care for her.

We visited my mom's cousin and I suppose mine and Lydia's too while were there which was a nice way to start the trip. While we were there we enjoy the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens (during Spring time with the tulips!), Georgia Aquarium (the largest in the world! who knew?), H&M and lots of amazing food! Including food from this seasons' Top Chef champ! Eliot and I both have lived there so it was a slow paced mini-vacation. Lydia loves people and new scenarios so she had her super observer hat on most of the time.

Of course the food was what I was all about. Though we ate a lot there were 3 big highlights. First night Eliot and I went to Nava where we enjoyed really amazing food and desserts. Everything was just delicious but the Kahlua Espresso Pie was by far the closest thing to heaven on a plate I have had in a while. Flip Burger, the Richard Blais restaurant, had mouth watering burgers (literally just thinking about it I may need to go get a napkin) the best was the d'lux. It melted in your mouth. The milkshakes were great too the star being the Captain Crunch shake which you may think twice about but it was a stoke of genius, whereas the Krispy Kreme shake we could have passed on easily. Our last meal in was at Atlanta Fish Market which provided a great atmosphere and high quality fish. They were wonderful with Lydia who joined us while we ate lavish meals she quietly enjoyed her puffs.

The second of vacation week was great too! We (Lydia and I, Eliot had to go back to work) spent lots of time with friends lunching and visiting. Lydia had a day to play with her little friends Eva and Holland and I had a day to play with mine over mani/pedi and lunch. Eliot and I went to see Jersey Boys on Saturday night and the weekend was wrapped up with soccer Sunday afternoon. All in all a wonderful 2 weeks.

Below here is a video of the shake from Flip Burger. He makes them with liquid nitrogen so they smoke! Oh and the onions rings were so good we had to get a second order!

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