Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lydia will be 7 months on Saturday. I know that every parent thinks that their baby is gifted. But I am pretty sure according to all the books that Lydia is at this point a little a head of the curve. Fear not! I have alerted the Ivies and they are holding a spot for her to select from for the freshman class of 2028.

She can easily sit up on her own! Her Abuela almost dropped the phone when she was filming this one.
She can easily bring herself into a standing position with just about anything that is close to her. She does have a soft spot for the swing.

She claps! (Even more now!)

She crawls! (This video is the best I have. It turns out that you don't always get your infant to do what you want her to do.)

She hangs out with friends and meditates. 

Lydia can also hold her own bottle. She can wave bye-bye, though she still a little skeptical on doing it. She may be wondering why we are saying bye-bye all the time to everyone. This has been a very VERY big month!

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