Friday, April 8, 2011

Just That Kind of Day

My cold just won't go away. After getting home yesterday Eliot and I put Lydia in the car and drove around town for a couple of hours in order for her to get a nap. I got home and was shivering, sweaty and exhausted. I feel asleep for an hour and half. Even though I had already taken a full run of antibiotics last week, I started another run because my snot is still green and my nose is still running.

Luckily, Lydia is seemingly feeling better thanks to all the wonderful mommy friends that I have. Last night we sat in the bathroom with a hot shower running and bathed her using the vapor bath which is essentially eucalyptus and chamomile. Then I wrapped her in several towels to keep her warm while I salved her with Baby Vicks on her chest, back, under her nose and her feet. Dressed her. Put in saline drop, used the blue booger bulb and wipe her with the boogie wipes, which by the way are genius. She slept solidly through the night with Puff the Magic Elephant humidifying her room.

My exhaustion and periodic breathing apparently have effected my ability to reason. This morning as I was running out the door I was looking for my sunglasses. I couldn't find them so I defeatedly got into my car. I was backing up when I realized the glasses were on my head. I chuckled at myself and then smash! I smacked my car right into the side of my parents car. I jumped out of the car and scream several expletives. Ran inside to tell my parent then came to work where I spent the first hour of my day taking to insurance agents. Argh!

Happy to report everyone is okay. Lydia is feeling better and it's Friday. Look at all the silver linings!

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  1. Oh kristy I am so so sorry you are sick and dang not just mom and dads vehicle but your new one which I have not even seen yet. If there is anything I can do pls just yell next door just so much going on it seems I never get a single moment to visit little lydia pls take care of yourself...your next door neighbor kathy