Sunday, May 30, 2010

Belly Button Bashfulness

As I grew up I never really had given my belly button much thought. My mom always said that you shouldn't mess with it too much because it was scar tissue and you could hurt yourself, so I listened. Never being much of a bikini wearing teenager and never really liking anyone sticking their finger in there, I just let it be for the last 34 years. Until now. Now it's tormenting me.

The child that is growing inside of me has evidently found my belly button and thinks it does something. I can just imagine her in there, when she is awake, thinking..."hmmmm wonder what this does? I'll push it! Damn, nothing. This thing has got to do something. I'll push it again!" Some days my belly button is half way popped out and other days it's not. Some days I can see the crevasses clearly of the belly button and some days I can't. There is a little hidden freckle in their that I never knew I had and now it's out. Out of the belly button closet for everyone to see. The whole thing freaks me out a little.

I have no issues getting bigger or watching my belly grow. All of my anxiety is wrapped up in this belly button thing. It's just out there taunting me.

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