Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bump Baby List

In one way, I am thankful that there are people out there in the universe that are being paid to put together to-do lists for parents to be, especially first time parents because I am sure there are plenty of things that I would never have even considered without it. In another way, I want to shake the little Bump bimbo that is causing my overachiever tendencies to come out and once I am done shaking her, then I will smack her. The violence, in this case, by this normally peace-loving mother to be, will make me feel better. There is some twisted satisfaction in checking off the boxes. I feel accomplished. I feel as if I am on the ball. However, there is no preparation for some tasks such as: interview pediatricians. Where do I start with that? Should I begin with my insurance provider or should I look in the yellow pages? Anyone in St. Petersburg, Florida love their kids doctor?

Last night El and I went to a fun dinner at Frida's Cafe and Bakery and then decided to give registering a whirl. Frida's was delicious! Filled with beautiful pastries, fresh bread and tasty soups. It was pretty enough to photograph, which I did. I bought my mom some gorgeous little sugar free cakes for her birthday today.

As far as registering was concerned, if you know us, you should know that we had already been on several occasions to research what we may want to register for and I have done research on safety recalls, gear-lists, so we confidently walked in with our notebook of notes and itemized lists. Once that laser gun was in our hands it was as if all sanity spilled out of our brains. It felt as if we were selected to disarm a nuclear weapon on top of a mine field. Suddenly the rush of making the wrong decision came over us and normally I am so rational. I am laid back dammit! But whatever ability I once had minutes before entering to audibly articulate that whatever we selected would be okay, vanished. It seemed as this scanning mechanism had taken all sensibility out of us. We almost came to blows on the baby bathtub aisle! After the incident, we decided to just register for several of the same type of item, some how believing it will be better to look back over it, delete the things we do not need and make sure our friends and family do not think we are insane for registering for 3 swings, 3 car seats or 3 breast-pumps. I assure you, we are only have 1 baby and I only have 2 breasts.

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