Friday, May 7, 2010

The Name Game

Now we know we are having a girl, the name game as begun.We have a list of possible names that we like.We are hoping to have some sort of implicit meaning in our names, other than we liked it. There should be a story.

My name story always amused me. My parents had decided that if it was girl my mom would name me, if I was a boy my dad would name me. My mom had picked out Raquel Aleda after my godmother and my grandmother. I was born on that frigid February morning and my dad was given the papers to fill out as my mother rested after delivery. He just couldn't bring himself to write down the names. So he named me Christine no middle name. He figured I already had a Spanish last name, and most people hate their middle names, both my parents do. I was in America, I should have an American name. Thus, Christine. The first day of kindergarten I claimed that I should be called Christy. My mom calls me Tina because Christina is Spanish ends in Tina. Most of my relatives call me Cristina, except one cousin that has always called me Chris. The history teacher at work calls me Chrissy and through the years I have responded to a million variations of the name. It works for me and I thank the Lord my dad didn't think I was Raquel (be sure to add that rolling R when you say that). I just can't imagine myself with the big hair, red lipstick and giant hoop earrings...not really my style. So there is a lot in a name.

Back to the drawing board we go. Slap, slap, clap, clap, snap, snap, A- Agatha...hmmmm


  1. According to my Dad, I was supposed to be named Morgan or Megan. However, since he was celebrating at a bar when I was born, my Mom chose my name!

    When we were choosing names for our girls, I thought it was important that they look good in print. So, I would take the names we were considering and type them out in a few fonts, first-middle-last to see what caught my eye. I know it sounds wierd, but it worked for me!

    stacey b.

  2. I was supposed to be Christina Ashley and so when family members came to greet me at the hospital nursery, they asked for C. A. Mizelle....nurses so we have nothing of the sort, although we do have a Rebecca Page Mizelle. My mom saw me and changed her mind at the sight of me....have some ideas ready but you'll know when you greet her :) and like i've mentioned before....rebecca is a wonderful name

  3. Thank you both! I love these stories!