Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is my bump thumping?

Every morning the alarm goes off and my first reaction is to hit the snooze. I sleep another 10 fantastic minutes. Then it goes off again, traditionally I would enjoy another 10 minutes of precious slumber, now I hit the snooze and lay in bed rubbing my belly bonding with Baby Girl Gaurkee. All the books say, that you should feel your baby move sometime between the 16 - 22 weeks. So for approximately 5 weeks, I have been waiting. Waiting and at some points worrying. After my sonogram, my midwife eased my weary mind by telling me that clearly she is moving like crazy in there, any day now I should feel a little something. Then I will feel a little more and eventually she will be a dancing rock star like her friend Holland.

My mom said that I wasn't a giant mover when I was in the belly which isn't a total surprise because I can sit still like no ones business. I hate tapping or leg shaking. I have threaten children across a room to stop this absurd behavior. I can entertain myself for hours, even if I am just lying there. If our baby girl takes after her father, she must be trying to chase something shiny in there all of the time. And when she's not, she should be picking at something...her finger nails, her knee, her boogers (wait that might be me too.) It's a toss up really.

Yesterday I think I felt a thump. It was like a light flick. Are you thumping me girl? I sure hope so.

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  1. Lay on your belly - you should feel something like a little butterfly in there. :)