Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chiquita Banana

Officially week 21, I am over the hump! Not necessarily over the bump! I am closer to the end of pregnancy than I am to the beginning, it's hard to believe. We found out last Thursday that we are being blessed with a little girl. Eliot said, "Good night girls!" the other night as we were falling asleep and I think that I feel in love with him all over again. It warms my heart. On a less heart-warming note, I have filled him in on some fun facts about little girls in utero, for example, the fact that she already has 7 million eggs in her ovaries, though they will diminish by almost half by the time she comes out. Eliot has already declared that she is not allowed to use any of them and that he isn't walking her down the aisle if she chooses to marry an a-hole. Oh Dads and their little girls! He has also begun scoping out pink soccer balls for her impending stardom. She is at least the length of a banana measuring 7in from rump to head about a full pound. She is ginormous if you consider her itty bitty beginnings!

We are having crib troubles. The books, the lists, the people in the know, say it's time to put in that order for a crib because it could take almost 12 weeks for some deliveries. Since I like lists, they make me feel good. We begun our search. I originally found a crib online that had gotten good reviews from users and from consumer reports. I swung by Babies r Us to see it in person. They didn't carry the brand. I returned to my savvy inter-web and apparently this crib can only be purchased online. For some reason, that doesn't sit right with me. I want to see it physically before I buy my infant's first piece of sleeping furniture. There is something about that. What if the quality isn't great or if I see it and I don't like it, then I have a crib that has been delivered to my house that I have to return. What a pain! On Sunday, we saw there was a coupon for 20% off of purchases at Babies r Us, we figured it was our shopportunity! After thoughtful deliberation, and consideration. We selected our crib and changing table! As nervous first time parents we were pleased with ourselves. We were confident we had made a superb, top-notch decision! We sat down with the nicest sales girl to order it. As she types in numbers and flips though pages of this and that, she reports that the items are on back order. The warehouse is not sure when it will ever be in again. She filled out a request form for us and let us know that the full time person in charge would be able to get more information for us on Monday.

Not normally a pessimist I knew in my core that we wouldn't have smooth sailing. Monday morning I received a call, the crib and changing table were no longer in production. Once again, the search begins again. It was the only crib we were interested in at that particular store so we will go to Buy Buy Baby tonight and see. I also found a smaller shop in that area (Brandon) called Crib 4 Life which we will also check out. You would think that cribs would be sold almost on street corners considering the booming population these days. Certainly I am not the only person in need of a crib. Should I get over my online purchasing phobia?


  1. I bought my wedding dress online, without ever seeing it first and apparently that's a big deal too ;)

  2. You are so brave! I don't think I would have been able to do that, what if it would have fit funny? Yours was beautiful tho!