Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Potty Break

The one thing that keeps me happily going to the bathroom every hour is the wonderful discovery of all the public restrooms in the greater Tampa Bay area. I have even considered putting together a coffee table book called Renegade Bathroom Pictures because I plan to document my adventures using my IPhone or a more sensible interesting Bathrooms of Tampa Bay, through this title may require more prestigious pictures to be taken. Since my infant has decided that my bladder is a perfect toy, I figured that I could plan to pay for her college education with this book project.

There are some bathrooms that are surprisingly uneventful. Recently we took my dad to Bern's for his 71 birthday and the bathroom of this 5 star restaurant left me underwhelmed. It was shabby small restroom that appeared a little extra messy than I expected. This passed weekend we discovered a new St. Pete treasure, 400 Beach Seafood and Taphouse which had great service, delicious food and a magnificent bathroom. From floor to ceiling there were pretty shiny green titles, granite counter tops and tremendous colorful fish on the walls. There are a few restrooms that are common stomping grounds like the one at Target and the one at TJMaxx both which are cleaner than expected as well as comfortable to use. Thankfully.

A few weeks ago there was a bathroom experience that I expect will be in my future but at the time, really made my head shake and the rest of me, run (by run I mean scurry away as quickly as possible.) It was a public restroom. It was dirty and the floor was a little sticky. A very large woman that unfortunately could barely fit in the cubicle of the toilet stood in front of it as she opened the door repeatedly and looked in. Her son who had to be close to 35 in my memory (more like 12ish) was in there with his pants down going number #2. The mom kept peaking in while the son complained a little (wonder why?) They battled it out and I was in and out before I knew what the result of this struggle was unveiled. Bathrooms...always an interesting experience.

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