Monday, May 31, 2010

No Jury Duty for Me!

Today is Memorial Day and I am taking this very moment to thank all of those warriors that have fought for our rights valiantly. A special shout out to our buddy Tony Myers that is currently in Afghanistan. On this early Monday holiday morning, Eliot and I sit on our couches as another home repair to do is being accomplished. Tomas, our amazing neighborhood handyman and his father assistant are taking out the air conditioning units from the 70's from our outside walls. We have two, one in the living room and one in the main bedroom. It's a pesky project and we are thankful that they are getting it done for us. My only complaint is that with my wacky preggers sleeping issues, I had just gotten to sleep when Eliot told me they were here. Now, I sit and sort of space out every couple of minutes wishing I was back in bed.

The greatest benefit of this super early morning haze is that I had the time to look at my Jury Duty summons which I had completely dismissed a month ago when it arrived. It turns out that the highly efficient Pinellas County folks allow you to be excused via Internet for many different reasons until the very last moment. Serendipitously, being an expectant mother is a get out of jury duty free card. Pregnancy provides so many wonderful things to your life. I gladly went on the interweb put in my juror number and checked way at my appropriate box and hit send. Tomorrow I sleep! Hooray!

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